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What We Offer

You can look at borrower payment history, dates payments were made, lender disbursements and other details about each loan we are servicing through our secure on-line access.

We offer 24/7 access  to historical data for both lender and borrower!

We take the worry out of mortgage payments and seller carry back transactions.  You can be assured that every aspect of the loan servicing portion of your investment is under control.

Peace of Mind

Let us take your burden of accounting and endless paperwork! We do that for you and supply you with accurate status reports of all your loans.

Payment accounting and processing

We currently report to one of the major credit agencies and will soon report to all three. This will assist in increasing your buyer's credit score making them eligible for refinancing as early as possible.

Credit Reporting

We have found that our credit reporting is a benefit to the borrower as well as the lender.  Most borrowers are pleased to pay all or part of the monthly service fee for this added service (much like credit repair).

Flexible pricing

You receive monthly reports from detailing account activity of all your loans.  These reports are in easy-to-read formats that will assist you in your internal accounting. You can also view your accounts on-line and receive your reports in importable formats.

Monthly statements

Let us be the contact point between the lender and borrower. We answer borrower calls and offer workout solutions so that you can receive your payments worry-free.

Primary point of contact for borrowers

Your funds are sent to you directly from us after processing.  We have a minimal check clearing time based upon the borrower's past payment history.  No 21 day wait period.

 Timely Distribution of Investor Funds

The law requires accurate and timely reporting to the IRS and the borrower concerning interest paid for tax deductions.  We relieve you of the burden of reporting and we also provide you with an annual 1009 report of interest earned on your investment.

IRS Reporting

We track all insurance renewals and tax payments due so that your collateral is never unprotected.  Renewals and tax payments are disbursed from our Escrow Trust Account as collected from your borrower escrow payments.

Insurance and Property Tax Disbursement

The law requires periodic escrow analysis and adjustment for every loan with an escrow account.  We preform the analysis and make payment adjustments accordingly so that you are in compliance.

Escrow Analysis

We mail late payment notifications promptly and act aggressively in collecting past due funds. Our goal is to make sure you receive your disbursements in a timely manner.

Late Payment Notifications

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