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Benefits of our Loan Servicing

Our loan servicing has benefits for both lender and borrower. As a third-party administrator of your loan payments and proceeds, we offer many time-saving advantages that every mortgage loan needs.

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Ready to have us service your loan? Please follow this link to see a checklist of items we need to book your loan and get started.



Our pricing structure is simple, inexpensive and cost-effective for both lender and borrower.  We offer discounts for portfolio's and can service "wraps" and "subject to's".

Why use Securenet Loan Services

SecureNet is a registered and bonded mortgage loan servicing company in the State of Texas. We handle servicing for both large and small investors.  We are also a servicer of choice for borrowers with "wrap" loans that want to be sure that underlying mortgages are paid as agreed.

We offer competitive pricing and many ways for a borrower to submit their loan payments on time.  We accept checks, money orders, and ACH on-time or recurring payments.

Our web portal posts secure information online for both lender and borrower to view loan status, recent postings, and portfolio management.


Securenet Loan Services, LLC NMLS #1446746