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Buy or Sell a Mortgage Note

We are a mortgage servicing company and in the course of our business, many of our investor clients desire to sell their notes or note portfolios from time to time. Since we are a note servicing company, many investors contact us looking for single notes, or note portfolios, to purchase from our servicing clients. Please read below  to sell your note, or to buy an existing note.



If you have a note that you would like to sell, we most likely will be interested in buying it for our portfolio, or we can present it to our list of note buyers in Texas or across the country. We can purchase individual notes or notes in a portfolio. We also handle non-performing notes that are delinquent or need modification.

To sell a note, please email:

or visit our sister company website at

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If you have an interest in buying a mortgage note for an investment, please contact us to see what we have available.  As a servicing company, we receive many requests from our existing investor clients that wish to sell both performing and non-performing notes. 

To contact us to get on our list of potential mortgage note buyers, email us at

To see what we currently have avaialble, visit our sister company website at:

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